BenQ W7000 300-Inches 1080p Cinema Quality Home Projection System -Black


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The BenQ W7000 Cinematic Projector with Colorific Technology []An astounding contrast ratio delivers superb definition, even during the darkest scenes. The BenQ W7000 Cinematic Projector with Colorific Technology []Featuring 100% uncompromised color customization. View larger Professional Cinematic Projection Quality for Your Home Entertainment System Designed to give you top-of-the-line enjoyment, the W7000 offers professional-grade visual performances that you crave for your home entertainment system, including 3D Full HD, 2000 ANSI lumen high brightness, 50000:1 high contrast ratio, BrilliantColor, VIDI, Rec. 709 color gamut and more. The W7000 is the first projector in the world to be accredited with the TUV Rheinland 3D Full HD Certification. Designed to offer the best 3D cinema experience at home, the projector is powered by DLP Link to delivers ultra-smooth 1080p Full HD images to both eyes--crosstalk free. Everything is much simpler and more enjoyable when you can just wear 3D glasses without setting up additional emitters. The W7000 is compatible with the latest HDMI standard--Ver. 1.4a, which means it is able to play 3D movies from a Blu-ray DVD player, live sports via cable or satellite and 3D video games on PS3 directly without additional setup. Full HD Optimized Optical System The W7000 features BenQ's very own Full HD optimized optical system to ensure the best clarity and sharpness in every Full HD image. With the projection lens comprised with only glass-made lens elements, the optical system outperforms others with far more image details and better brightness performance. The combined expertise of BenQ's projector know-how, Texas Instruments' DynamicBlack and Philip's VIDI lamp technology delivers an astounding 50,000:1 contrast ratio for superbly rendered image definition, even in the darkest scenes, and a brilliant 2,000AL to counter any ambient room lighting. Panamorph lenses allow you to show 2.35:1 aspect format video--such as major studio movies--in their original widescreen format at maximum resolution with no image distortion or letterboxing. Rec. 709 Color Gamut For optimal color precision, the W7000 is built to match one of the highest high-definition video standards seen in professional-grade home projectors today: native Rec. 709 color gamut. This enables the projector to deliver colors so real that it reflects what the human eye perceives. BenQ's unique color management system gives you the freedom to fine-tune hues, contrast, brightness, color temperature, gamma and white balance levels to best match your unique viewing preferences. For 100% uncompromised color customization, this color management tool allows you to fine-tune the gain, saturation and hue of six primary colors (R/G/B/C/M/Y) individually. Adjust the three preset modes and user modes to fit your 2D and 3D viewing preference. BenQ gives you the additional flexibility you need to personalize your cinematic experience completely. ISFccc Certification Obtaining professional results is easy with the Imaging Science Foundation's highly reputed ISFccc calibration service. Thanks to ISF technicians during the delivery process, it allows you to enjoy a perfectly calibrated picture quality, along with two optimized modes--ISF Day and Night mode--for a viewing experience that is pure pleasure. The BenQ W7000 Cinematic Projector with Colorific Technology []The BenQ W7000 Cinematic Projector with Colorific Technology View larger The BenQ Benefit * Accurate. Over 1 billion colors--compared to 16.7 million from many LCD projectors * Crisp. Bright, high contrast picture--3x more contrast than similar top-selling LCD models * Long-Lasting. Consistent quality--image is the same now and years from now * 2000lm Full HD Blu-ray 3D support * High contrast ratio at 50,000:1 with Darkchip2 technology * Wide range 2D lens shift * Frame interpolation * ISFccc certification Colorific Technology Delivers Lifelike Color, Year After Year For radiant, life-like color, trust BenQ to deliver. From business presentations and educational venues to spectacular events and home entertainment, Colorific from BenQ is the only way to experience your projected images. BenQ projectors' DLP technology display more than one billion stunning colors, compared to only 16.7 million from many LCD projectors in the same class. Combining up to 7 different colors to create vibrant, true to life images versus traditional 3-color LCD architecture, projectors equipped with Colorific technology can deliver up to 3x more contrast than similar top-selling LCD models. Enjoy richer blacks and more luminous whites for easy to read images, with a consistent quality image--no light burn or reduction in color quality over time. Colorific images are the same now, and years from now. BenQ W Series ProjectorsW770ST []W770STW1070 []W1070W1080ST []W1080STW7000 []W7000W1500 []W1500Native 720p (1280 x 720)✓Native Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080)✓✓✓✓3D Ready✓✓✓✓✓HDMI Connectivity✓✓✓✓✓Wireless Connectivity✓SmartEco Technology for up to 70% Less Power Use✓✓✓✓Short Throw for Easy Setup in Any Size Room✓✓✓

BenQ W7000 3D DLP Projector

2D Performance 3D Performance Features Ergonomics Value Price: $2,999 At A Glance: Sets the bar for 3D playback and performance • Extremely bright • Weak contrast performance and black levels • Bright, vivid image It seems like only yesterday that DLP was the belle of the ball for front projector technologies. Oh, how things have changed these last few years. Now we see a polarized market made up of budget entry-level offerings or cost-no-object three-chip designs with little in the way of middle ground. I don’t know how much this has to do with Texas Instruments almost abandoning development of consumer-based chips (we haven’t seen any developments in DMD design for quite some time) or consumers’ leaning toward the higher contrast numbers of LCOS and SXRD designs. Or maybe it’s the price/performance that LCD has brought to the table. One thing is for sure, though: DLP is still a very capable technology that, when properly implemented, can throw a mesmerizing image. And now with 3D being a key feature in the market, maybe it’s time DLP’s popularity got a significant boost.

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