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Wine?Wine aerator<br> COLOR: Black, transparent<br> PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Measures 6 inches high by 2 inches wide<br> PRODUCT LI...ST:Wine * 1, The base * 1, bag*1, Filter * 1<br> SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Family, parties, picnics, outdoor, wine, gift<br>PRODUCT SUMMARY: Red wine needs to breathe to allow it to open up, release its intended aromas, and of course, make it taste better. The aerator speeds up this process by instantly aerating with ease and convenience. It delivers recognizable improvements immediately: better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. Perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass. It couldn't be easier. Comes with a no-drip stand.Aerator and stand are dishwasher safe. The glossy, But do note that there are two slight fold lines that extend upward from each air hole. These are normal. During manufacturing, material folds around rods and wraps back, and this causes the fold lines. the aerator comes with a no-drip stand.<br>Easily and conveniently enhances the flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine<br>Hold aerator over glass and pour wine through for instant aeration; mixes proper amount of air in right amount of time<br>The aerator comes with a no-drip stand<br>Brand integrity: to FATCHOI, most popular and best selling brand, we guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you have any questions, we will do everything we can to solve these problems immediately. If we can't, we will fully refund your purchase.<br> read more

Libbey through Samara

This set includes twelve elegant 12.75 ounce wine glasses that are great for either red or white wine. The narrow, tall stem makes... them comfortable to hold in your hand. Dishwasher safe and made in the USA. read more

Unbreakable Stemless Silicone Wine Glasses 12oz
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<p><strong>Not just for WINE! - </strong>Fill your large unbreakable wine glass with water, champagne, beer, soda, juice or your f...avorite cocktail or fill halfway with water and freeze to enjoy whiskey, tequila, vodka or your favorite spirit on ice without the watered down taste.</p> <p><strong>EASY to clean! - </strong>Specially designed from shatterproof BPA-free food grade silicone, the Jokel stemless cup not only prevents taste transfer, but it won't stain either!  And it's super-easy to clean, just toss 'em in the dishwasher and they're ready to go.</p> <p><strong>DURABLE RESUABLE go-anywhere cup - </strong>Our compact non breakable tumbler glass is flexible and fits easily in your pocket, backpack or bag, making it the ideal portable traveling wine cup for your on-the-go lifestyle. This anywhere wine glass makes your outdoor dining a breeze for guests of all ages because the durable, high quality silicone wine cup is break resistant and will never chip or crack.</p> <p>Whether you're enjoying a day at the beach or outdoor cocktail party the Jokel unbreakable stemless silicone wine glass will make fear of broken glass a thing of the past. The elegant stemless design of our collapsible wine glass looks great and fits comfortably in any size hand making it the perfect reusable plastic party cup.</p> <p><strong>Makesa an awesome GIFT idea</strong> - Our unique glasses make great gifts for weddings, Bachelor or Bachelorette parties even for the campers, hikers, backpackers and travel enthusiasts in your life.</p> <p><strong>Click the ADD TO CART button NOW</strong> to get this unique stemless silicone wine glass today. You will not regret investing in this high quality item for your next gathering.</p> read more


<b><i>Smoother wine, richer fruitGCabigger flavor.</i><br></b><b><i>Releases your wines underlying potential.</i><br></b><b><i>Imp...roves enjoyment of a variety of reds.</i></b><br><p style: align=right>GCoBeverage Testing Institute, <i>2012 independent tasting</i></p><br><br><b>Better flavor. No waiting.</b><br><b>Designed by Brookstone Labs, USA</b><ul><li>Releases wines full flavor and bouquet in seconds</li><li>Smarter, faster alternative to traditional decanting</li><li>Simply insert in bottle or glass and press button to aerate for 30 seconds.</li><li>Oxygen softens tannins for smoother, better tasting wine</li><li>Built-in LED light lets you see aeration at work </li><li>Includes 2 stems (long stem for full bottles, short stem for glasses) <li>Also includes sleek storage and display stand</li><li>Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included) </li></ul><b>Use our wine aerator release your wines full flavor and bouquet.</b><br>When it comes to reds, a little air can do lot of good. Thats because the best flavors and aromas of your wine can only emerge when you let it breathe. But weve taken it a step further. Instead of letting the wine simply come in contact with the outside air, we designed Aero to bring the outside in. Aero infuses oxygen directly into your wine, releasing its underlying potential before its even out of the bottle. <br><br><b>Our wine aerator helps age younger wines faster.</b><br> Younger and more full-bodied wines often require lengthy aging to reach their full potential. By infusing air directly into the wine bottle, Aero softens the wines tannins for more smoothness and enhanced flavorsGCoall faster than traditional cellaring and decanting. The result? A more mature, better tasting wine in under a minute. Press the aeration button once for 30 seconds of aeration. Or, for younger, more full-bodied reds, you can experiment by pressing the button again for a second cycle of aeration.<br><br><b>Improve your wine by the bottle or glass</b><br> Enterta... read more


<p>A perfect addition to your holiday parties. You can add beer or juice or water or else.Novelty and cool dispenser will bring LI...FE to the party. </p> <p><b>Worry-free Warranty:</b><br> <br> All New ActionFly Products Are Backed With a Robust 18 Months Warranty, So You Are Protected From in The Event Your Case Break Down Due To Any Manufacturing Defects.<br> Shop With Confidence And Protect Your Technology With ActionFly Today.</p> read more

Update International

<BR>This durable plastic commercial quality bar caddy offers six (6) generous compartments for your drink napkins, stirrers, straw...s and more, making it ideal for any professional bar or your home bar0! <BR><BR>DIMENSIONS:<BR> Length (base) - 8 3/4 Inches<BR> Width (base) - 5 1/8 Inches<BR> Length (top) - 9 1/4 Inches <BR> Width (top) - 5 5/8 Inches<BR> <br><br> read more


Aero Wine Aerator - Stainless. Enjoy better tasting wine every time. Releases full flavor and bouquet Helps "age" younger wines Ae...rates a whole bottle in less than a minute Full-bottle and single-glass aeration stems included Included stand holds Aero when not in use, protecting table and bar tops Built-in LED light lets you see the aeration at work Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) Better wine--by the bottle, or by the glass. Our AeroTM Stainless Wine Aerator releases each wine's full flavor and bouquet potential for better tasting wine no matter what. It softens the tannins of young and darker wines, and "opens up" and releases complex flavors and aromas. Aero works well with any type of wine--just press the button once for older and lighter wines, or twice for younger and darker wines. We included two different aeration stems so you can aerate an entire bottle (in less time than it would take to pour the wine into a decanter!) or a single glass. Order your Aero Stainless Wine Aerator from Brookstone today! read more

Store Indya

<p>Store Indya is a travel quest to unravel the forgotten hand crafted skills of India... </p><p>Store Indya was something that wa...s created as a result of family trips we took across India. While travelling, we not only saw different cultures in different parts of India, but we also realized each corner of India has its own secret. They all have their own unique art forms that's known to only a very few in India, and almost unknown to the rest of the world. We discovered that these age-old glorious skills are getting suppressed. The artisans that we work with are trying to continue the dying legacy of their artwork. Each artwork handcrafted by them is an end product of their hard and meticulous work. </p><p>Store Indya wants to revive these art forms and at the same time empower these skilled artists. We want to present different art forms and create a whole new product by itself that has never been created before. </p><p>Overall, these products not only stand for aesthetics and traditions, but the designs on it also represent various socio-cultural issues that we want to talk about with the world and even encourage others to talk about it by gifting these handicrafts to one another. We want our products to not just sit quietly, looking pretty in a corner of your home</p> read more


<br><b>Product Description</b> <br>Condition:100% brand new <br>Style:silicone wine glasses <br>Size:9oz:6.5*6.5*36cm/piece;Weight...:60g/piece; 12oz:7*7*10cm/piece;Weight:70g/piece <br>Color:blue,orange,green,rose red <br> <br> <br><b>Feature</b> <br>Easy to wash the silicone wine glasses with clean water,dishwasher safe. <br>High quality silica gel,no excitant odour,non-toxic,more environmentally friendly. <br>Won't crack or shatter in the freezer,even when their contents freeze;Soft to touch for both hot and cold liquids;No external condensation on the outside like with glass. <br> <br> <br><b>Design</b> <br>The bottom of sleek design make it stand in the table firmly. <br>Unlike delicate stemware,your silicone wine glasses are easy to care for;No-fuss party cleanup and no worries about scratches,chips,or cracks. <br>The beautifully shaped stemless style features a colorful and stylish look that goes well with both black-tie affairs and casual campfire chats. <br>The silicone wine glasses innovative shatterproof design differ from all the drawbacks of regular wine glasses that you never worry about broken glasses,broken stems and rest easy with no more mess to clean up. <br> <br> <br><b>Notice</b> <br>The actual goods and computer display color photos may be slightly different from the picture above. <br>Please allow 1-3CM due to manual measurement (0.4-1.2 inches) errors. <br> <br> <br><b>Any question,please feel free to contact us,we are always here for you!</b> read more


Does that wine glass look lonely? Give it a hug! This durable neoprene sleeve protects against scratches and keeps contents chilly... read more


Cuisinart's full collection of barware embodies the quality and convinence customers expect from our products. Now available in a ...winged corkscrew, waiter's corkscre, wine stopper, wine pourer and foil cutter, these tools are essentials for serving and savoring wine behind the bar or at an intimate dinner for two. Cuisinart barware makes it easy to savor the good life. Limited lifetime warranty. read more


<br>These Products is made from food-grade,FDA-Approved,Premium quality,flexible silicone,Fashionable,variety,can meet the individ...ual needs of different groups. <br> <br>It can be resistant to high and low temperature,can at -40?+230? within the scope of work,can adapt to all kinds of refrigerators,ovens,microwave ovens and other appliances to produce food . <br> <br>You need to use clean water and then placed in hot water disinfection,then drinks or beverages can be imported directly.Should be cleaned and stored in a clean and dry place away from direct sunlight and after use. <br> <br>Note: <br>The color of actual items and computer display photos may be varied slightly from the above images. <br>Please allow 1-3cm(0.4-1.2 inches)error due to manual measurement. read more