Klipsch Gallery G-28 5.1 Home Theater Bundle-free BIC Acoustech Pl-200


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"Your favorite blockbuster flicks and esteemed artists deserve more, and the Klipsch® Gallery G-28 LCRS speaker is here to give them just that. Best of all, it meets the needs of your favorite soundtracks when utilized as a left, right, center or surround speaker. Embodying the same power, detail and emotion produced by renowned Klipsch horn-loaded speakers, the G-28 features exclusive Tractrix® Horn technology that effortlessly delivers legendary Klipsch sound. Designed with modern decor in mind, each Klipsch Gallery component is part of a true cross-over home audio solution, occupying minimal space and delivering enhanced sound - no matter the need or living environment."You Will Receive: Gallery G-28 5.1 Home Theater Bundle-free BIC Acoustech Pl-200FREE BIC Acoustech PL-2003 Each Klipsch Gallery G-28-2 Each Klipsch Gallery G-16"1 Each BIC Acoustech PL-200 1000 Watt 12"" Subwoofer"

Klipsch Gallery G-28/G-12 Speaker System

Performance Value Build Quality Price: $2,745 At A Glance: Horn-loaded tweeters • Shallow-depth enclosures • Clear, focused sound Traditional home theater is the union of big-screen television and surround sound. I never tire of reiterating that statement—but I must admit, this is the first time I’ve qualified it with the term traditional. For many if not all consumers today, home theater is the union of flat-screen television and slimmed-down surround sound, with loudspeakers losing cabinet depth to complement the more compact form factor of LCD and plasma HDTVs. Don’t get me wrong: I love my flat-panel HDTV, and the mere thought of going back to an unsightly direct-view or awkward rearprojection set makes me shudder. But the flattening trend that makes 21st-century HDTVs so much more appealing isn’t a recipe for great sound.

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