No messy stovetop or spoonrest. Heat resistant silicone pads clip onto the pot, protecting against scratches while keeping your utensil from slipping into the pot. Spoon drips directly into pot. Utensil handle stays cool.

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<p><b>Crafted from sustainable bamboo, these gorgeous two-tone striped utensils are designed to resist stains, odors, and warping.... The 5 piece utensil set is beautiful and has holes in the handle to hang and display them (you won't want to hide them in the kitchen)!</b></p> <p>The 5 Piece Bamboo Utensil Set by Top Notch Kitchenware will put your old wooden and plastic flatware to shame! Made of renewable bamboo, these lovely gadgets and tools are perfect cookware for a wok, stirring stews and soups, frying vegetables or eggs in a non-stick frying pan, flipping tortillas, mixing up batters, and just about anything else you can cook & bake. It's safe to use on Teflon or any other material without scratching pots & pans. It's made with the bamboo grain oriented in such a way to provide additional strength and durability. This not only gives the utensils a beautiful stripped pattern that reveals the bamboo's natural markings-it makes them ultra-tough against moisture, stains, odors & even nasty kitchen bacteria! </p> <b>Whats Included?</b> <br/>? Serving Spoon <br/>? Slotted Spoon<br/> ? Mixing Spoon<br/> ? Spatula<br/> ? Slotted Spatula<br/><br/> <b>FEATURES & BENEFITS: </b><br/> <b>- Premium 100% High Quality Eco Friendly Bamboo:</b> ultra-strong made from a renewable source.<br/> <b>- Safe for Non-Stick Cookware and Hot Surfaces: </b>will not scratch non-stick pots & pans and can be used on hot surfaces.<br/> <b>- Bacteria and Moisture Resistant:</b> fewer pours in the material means longer lasting, & fewer spaces for the bacteria to get trapped in compared with regular wood.<br/> <b>- Comfortable Grip:</b> Light weight, thicker & more comfortable handles make these utensils quite easy to hold & work with.<br/> <b>- Beautiful Design:</b> two colors of stripes make these utensils stand out & look amazing in your kitchen.<br/> <b>- Easy to Clean/Care:</b> Just wash with warm soapy water, dry thoroughly.<br/><br/> ?<b>100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!</b> ? read more

Wild and Wolf Inc.

Part spoon, part fork, part knife, part bottle opener, no feast is too much for this clever gadget. Once you're done, the parts fo...ld away safely in time for the next meal. Comes boxed, ready to give as a gift. read more


<B>Why use kale stripping Tool ? </b> <br> This leaf-shaped device Strip kale, collards, chard and herb leaves from stems in secon...ds, This beautifully simple kitchen tool <br> works well with woody herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme, tarragon and is perfect for making kale chips and other healthy snacks. <br> <br> <B>How to Use </B> <br> The handheld design is easy to use.<br> 1- just insert the stem <br> 2- Pull through the hole. <br> <br> <B>Features and Benefits </b> <br> ? No more excuses. Now you will try new recipes, or drink that herb tea your friend was excited about. <br> ? Uses 8 notch sizes which to choose from according to the width of your herb stem.<br> ? Ergonomic and stylish, a must have for your kitchenware.<br> <br> <b>A Practical And Smart Gift</b> <br> Your mother will absolutely love it. And not only your mother as this simple tool is a necessary <br> kitchen accessory for every household.<b><p>100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE </b> <br>If you are not entirely satisfied with how this looks, feels, or arrives at your home. <br> Return it for a full 100% refund. No Questions Asked. What are you waiting for ? <br> Click Add to Cart to get this one of a kind Herb Stripper! </p> read more


SO COOL pot holder: -Pot holder trivet.-Highest silicone resistance to heat on market resulting in the coolest hand.-Easy to clean... and dishwasher safe.-Less than 6" square for ease of use.-Soft supple feel massages your hand.-Non slip nubs-open jars and keep pans on counter.-Rest your hot pan on it and will not scratch the surface.-FDA food grade approved non stick silicone.-Heat resistant.-Designed with taller silicone ribs that fold over when picking up an item.-Creates a triple barrier that prevents heat moving from the pan to your hand with anti slip nubs. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 0.3" H x 5.8" W x 5.8" D.-Product weight: 0.2 lbs. Warranty: -Lifetime limited warranty. SO COOL pot holder a new technology to be the coolest silicone pot holder on the market. The taller ribs fold over when picking up the pan to create a triple barrier from heat moving to your hand. Holding this so cool pot holder also feels like a massaging action on your hand. To prevent the so named silicone slip we added nubs to prevent the soft silicone from slipping. This is heat resistant and can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher upper shelf as well as washing machine. As opposed to the honeycomb style that can be difficult to clean. This is a new product technology that we believe is the best in the world, and we know you will feel the same when you put your hands on it. We have tested it to have up to a 90 degree difference vs other silicone pot holders on the market. Other uses are for grill handles. I cut and tie wrapped one on a grill handle and it works so effectively. Anti-slip.. Great for cast iron pans. Great for chef style blade handles. Great for arthritic hands too. read more


<p>4YANG Silicone Spatula Cooking Utensil Set Heat Resistant Kitchen Gadgets (8 Pieces)-Includes:Turner, Slotted spoon , Ladle ,Sp...oon, Spoon Spatula, Spoonula, Spatula & Basting brush (Black)<p> <p>Spruce up your kitchen with our cooking tools set. They're not only beautiful, but they'll also make you move your way around the kitchen faster with minimal fuss.Customers love this cooking utensil set for the quality design, ease of use, and the vibrant colors (available as a red utensil set).</p> <p><b>Characteristic:</b></p> <p>FDA approved</p> <p>Professional Grade BPA Free</p> <p>Ergonmically seamless one-piece design <p>Flexible and Durable</p> <p><b>Specifications:</b></p> <p>Color:Black</p> <p>Material:Silicone</p> <p>Package Weight:695g</p> <p>Package Size:29.5*8.5*8cm</p> <p>Part Size:</p> <p>Turner: 29.5x8cm</p> <p>Slotted spoon: 27.5x5.7cm</p> <p>Ladle: 28.5x8.5cm</p> <p>Spoon: 28x5.7cm</p> <p>Spoon Spatula: 28.5x6cm</p> <p>Spoonula: total length: 27cm; spoon spatula blade:8.5x6cm</p> <p>Spatula£ºtotal length: 27.5cm spoonula blade£º8.5x5.5cm</p> <p>Basting brush: total length: 20.5cm; brush length: 5.5x3.5cm</p> <p><b>Package Includes:</b></p> <p>1* Turner</p> <p>1* Slotted spoon</p> <p>1* Ladle</p> <p>1* Spoon</p> <p>1* Spoon Spatula</p> <p>1* Spoonula</p> <p>1* Spatula</p> <p>1* Basting brush</p> <p><b>ORDER NOW to Avoid Disappointment and Enjoy the Benefits of Cooking with our Cooking Utensil Set!</b></p> read more


No messy stovetop or spoonrest. Heat resistant silicone pads clip onto the pot, protecting against scratches while keeping your ut...ensil from slipping into the pot. Spoon drips directly into pot. Utensil handle stays cool. read more


Gibson Home's Maxdon 7-Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set and Pinewood Block is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Durable stainl...ess steel blades that cut a variety of foods. Smooth and durable set with a satin finish. Red polypro handles for a comfortable and firm grip. Includes pine wood block for convenient storage. Set includes: 8-inch chef knife 6-inch Santoku knife 8-inch slicer knife 5-inch utility knife 3-inch paring knife Scissors Pinewood block read more