Soundcast Melody - Wireless Bluetooth Portable Indoor / Outdoor Weather Resistant Speaker


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No more flirting with perfection, achieve it. Melody delivers omni-directional, beautifully precise sound with the latest Bluetooth® v3.0 technology from Soundcast’s portable all-weather music system. Stream your playlist wirelessly as you enjoy, party and live your life. Melody's compact and lightweight design make it easy to take your music everywhere you go. Let Melody complement your social life-from the kitchen counter to the beach, poolside parties and sailing adventures to dinner soirées. Go places.

Soundcast Systems Melody Bluetooth Speaker

Performance Build Quality Value PRICE $449 AT A GLANCE Plus Up to 20 hours of battery life Water- and UV-resistant Bluetooth with aptX and AAC Minus Not exactly inexpensive (though well worth its price) THE VERDICT You’ll find plenty of portable bluetooth speakers out there, but you’ll search long and hard to find one that’s as well built, weatherproof, and good-sounding as this one. Soundcast Systems’ Melody is a category-blender of a product that’s difficult to sum up succinctly. It’s a mishmash of features that’s one part this, one part that, and a couple more parts of another type of thing. But none of that really matters unless you’re into semantics, market trends, or trying to do an Internet search for a “take anywhere, everywhere speaker” (as Soundcast likes to refer to it). The important thing is that the Melody has a boatload of stuff going for it; and it’s one of those rare audio devices that you’re likely to find yourself using for applications and situations you originally had no idea it would be ideal for.

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